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The Gift of Time

The gift of time
So gently it passes us
Like a breeze
It carries us through the burden of youth
Yet we barely hear the rush of the wind in our hair
Then ever so swiftly
It weighs us
Like excess baggage on our journey
And we fear the reality of passing years
Sneaking up behind
Like a childish game that no one dares to play
Still, the gift sits on our doorstep
Its presence felt but never acknowledged
To the full
It sits, unrecognized for all it holds
The gift
Stares us in the eyes
The gift
There for the taking
Should we
Could we
Dare we?
Take it in both hands, rip and tear at its disguise
Revealing the beauty there within
All the while ours
All these years silent
Now open and revealed like a wound in the sunshine
The gift of time, always ours

Beholden, I grasp it
Wanting it so badly, for all it can offer
For just a moment
Just one more moment

Please don't steal it
I am so grateful
This gift is mine…

…the gift of time

Author: Nicole Papasidero