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Land of the Free , Because of the Brave!

Land of the free, Because of Brave. This Fourth of July Remember our Soldiers. Thank You for your sacrifice and service.

Worth Quoting: Stephen Covey on Striving Moral Authority

Worth Quoting: Stephen Covey on Striving for Moral Authority
"I'm in favor of achievements - degrees and wealth and that sort of thing. Still, those achievements convey formal authority but not always moral authority. The only way to acquire moral authority is through your character and contribution, to live in such a way as to merit the confidence and the trust of other people.
"Moral authority is especially important to business. This is because in order to reduce costs, increase production, and nurture a culture of innovation - all of which are important criteria in today's global economy - you've got to have high trust among your workers and partners. Why? Because everyone involved needs to sacrifice. If you don't have high trust, none of those things will happen. You can't fake high trust."
(Source: Business 2.0)

Hate Writing? Your Success Depends On It

Hate writing articles? Too bad. Read on. Well Get over it! Your online or off line business will be DEAD in just months with out solid articles. There are far more failures out there, than successes. Writing articles will give your business the blood of success. Isn't that why you are in it for? This is the wild west and you have to stake out your claim. Do you want your business to flourish? Do you want to shape this business the way you want? Or leave it to chance? Well get over the notion that you hate to write articles! Start short and sweet. Let your potential customer know why they should go to your site and do business with you. Or just tell them to go to your competition! So what are your options? How can you make this work without the stress? When I first started in business, there was a lot I did not know and did not want to do. Let me tell you, what a big mistake that was. It cost me money, it cost me time and a couple of times it cost me my business! Don't let t…