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Bio-Replenishment: Taking Anti-aging to the Bone

Bio-Replenishment: Taking Anti-aging to the Bone
- By John Jackson, M.D.

Everybody needs healthy bones and joints. Bones store 99% of the body’s
calcium. All body organs depend on a supply of calcium from bone – the brain
150 mg., the heart 100 mg., intestines 600 mg. and kidneys 150 mg. of bone
calcium each day. This mineral management system is vital to such body
functions as conduction of nerve impulses, hearing, heartbeat and blood flow,
bowel movements, liver and kidney performance, acid-base balance and

In childhood, we remake the entire skeleton every 4 years, 5 times on average by
age 20. With advancing age the process slows considerably, due to a decline in
production of the mineral managing molecule we made in abundance when younger.
This is the reason, despite eating well and exercising regularly, we can start
to suffer with bone and joint problems.

Osteoporosis has been diagnosed in 10-12 million, borderline bone density or
osteopenia in…