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Creative Strength, Unleash Yours

So many people today go through life under the misconception that they aren't creative or can't use their creativeness, and thus end up leading ordinary and unsuccessful lives. That is simply not true. The fact is, we all need to exercise and train our creative muscle. Stimulate your creative genius and help it grow.If we don't practice,or don't know what to practice, we don't grow to our potential. Just planting a seed is never enough, we must nurture it until it reaches for the sky. That is the secret to success.
So how can we change this misconception? First, do you want to? Good! Now that we have the very first step in unleashing your creative side, move on to reading everything you can get your hands on. Learn other's secrets to success. Look for mentors that have what you want. Once you have found one or more mentors, open yourself up for the infinite possibilities. Growth could be slow at first, but once it takes off, you won't be able to stop it! S…

Greatest Free Opportunity On the Internet

What You say? We have all heard it before, The Greatest Free Opportunity on the Internet. Well after checking it out fully I have not been able to find a flaw any where. Now You Be You is dedicated to helping people like yourself to be all that you can be, this includes me too. So what am I talking about now? What makes me so excited? I bet you can't wait to see for yourself. Learn all you can. See if you can find any flaws in this.
Secret to success online has eluded many...not any more. The timing is incredible, web traffic has never been higher. People are buying on the Internet more and more everyday. Why Not capture this phenomenon and position yourself to get a piece of the action?
Take action now and investigate what I think will change more lives of every day people like us. Go to this link and get your free piece of the Internet action or don't and you will regret it later.
Here is your link to the freedom you desire,

7 Search Engine Strategies That Work

7 Search Engine Strategies That Work
Author: Michael Fleischner
These strategies have been used by SEO experts time and again - follow them closely.Although the concept of SEO can be somewhat complex, there are a number of basic search engine optimization practices you should note before starting any SEO related activity. These basic principles are essential for any web page or website for which you are attempting to optimize. Keep in mind that these are just some of the fundamental SEO practices you should consider.
1. MetaTags
Metatags are simple lines of code at the top of your page (source code) that tell the search engines about your page. I recommend that you be sure to include the following meta tags: title (no more than 7 words and unique for each page), keywords, description, author, and robots tag. The robots tag instructs the search engines to read all or some of your website.

2. Create or update your sitemapDeveloping a site map is a simple yet highly effective way of giving se…

Live the Life of Your Dreams, Because Life is Short

Living and working any where you want, sounds like a dream come true.
Others are doing it, why not you?
We all come up with excuses that help us feel better about not living the dream. Well isn't it time you stop making excuses and get on with the dream?
Living a dream, what does it mean to you? Isn't a dream just a journey of sorts? A place we would like to be. Step by step we can live in our dream life, living where we want and working in our dream job. You may be asking how can I live my dream when I am stuck in my life? With bills to pay, and barely making it by. What if I tell you that where you are is a direct result of the decisions you have made? Owe that one hurts.... We are where we are because of what we've done or have not done. Makes sense?
Do you find yourself lost or off your journey? Asking yourself can I really make it? Kind of like being in a new city without a map... we would miss out on a lot of great things to see and experience. An unfulfilled jour…