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Bio-Replenishment: Taking Anti-aging to the Bone

Bio-Replenishment: Taking Anti-aging to the Bone
- By John Jackson, M.D.

Everybody needs healthy bones and joints. Bones store 99% of the body’s
calcium. All body organs depend on a supply of calcium from bone – the brain
150 mg., the heart 100 mg., intestines 600 mg. and kidneys 150 mg. of bone
calcium each day. This mineral management system is vital to such body
functions as conduction of nerve impulses, hearing, heartbeat and blood flow,
bowel movements, liver and kidney performance, acid-base balance and

In childhood, we remake the entire skeleton every 4 years, 5 times on average by
age 20. With advancing age the process slows considerably, due to a decline in
production of the mineral managing molecule we made in abundance when younger.
This is the reason, despite eating well and exercising regularly, we can start
to suffer with bone and joint problems.

Osteoporosis has been diagnosed in 10-12 million, borderline bone density or
osteopenia in 34-40 million and related joint problems, such as osteoarthritis,
in 66 million. At least one third of Americans have bone and joint problems.
The lifetime risk of brittle bone fractures, already 2 million per year and
rising, is 50% in women and 25% in men.

When joints hurt conventional approaches focus on symptomatic relief by means of
anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers. Cures are rare and if all
else fails, surgery becomes a consideration. Common recommendations for bone
disease include calcium and vitamin D supplementation, chondroitin sulfate,
glucosamine, isoflavones and hyaluronic acid. These alone are seldom effective.
Hormones, such as estrogen and parathyroid hormone, may build some new bone AND
carry the risk of cancer. Bisphosphanates (eg., Actonel, Boniva and Fosamax)
are the most popular prescription drugs. These slow bone renewal and interfere
with calcium release to vital organs. Jaw bone damage and loosening of teeth,
as well as esophageal irritation and cancer have been reported.

Thanks to 30 years of research by Dr. Naidu, twice nominated for a Nobel Prize,
there is now a safe and effective solution for healthy bones and joints.
OsteoDenx is not a vitamin, mineral supplement or drug. It forms part of the
revolutionary new class of Bio-Replenishments. Obtained from food, OsteoDenx is
the same protein that a young body uses to remake the whole skeleton every 4
years. This mineral managing molecule also stimulates the cells that produce
and maintain cartilage. A patented Synoportin delivery system directs nutrients
to the joints.

OsteoDenx, as published in Osteoporosis International (2009), starts turning
osteoporosis and osteopenia around in just 2 weeks! Side-benefits of the
completely natural OsteoDenx, as published in Inflammation Research (2010),
include supplying bone calcium to body organs and the lowering of elevated
inflammatory markers linked to heart attack, diabetes and colon cancer.

Bone density increases can be seen in 3-6 months, 24% in less than a year for
one of my female cousins at age 83! Young people may be candidates, just like a
16-year old boy who had 8 fractures by age 14, but none since starting
OsteoDenx. Joints improve, as in the case of a 70-year old man whose amputated
thumb couldn’t bend for nearly 7 years post surgical reattachment that started
bending again 8 months after starting the natural product. Soft tissues
benefit, based on my own experience with a bad ankle sprain that healed
completely in 37 days, allowing me to run a half marathon with our daughters.
As an internal medicine specialist for 25+ years, I have found nothing safer,
simpler or more successful in securing the wellness of bone and joints than


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